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Japanese newhalf Lisa loves to play the nekko, or cat. In this scene she meets her lover for an evening of hardcore fucking and sucking. Join the site and see Lisa take his thick cock deep in her ass.

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Lisa loves to suck cock. If you ever get the chance you should try a blowjob from her. She knows the right places to lick and to suck and is one of the best little hoovers in Ni-chome.

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Lisa shows us the art of taking a thick cock up your ass while being bounced around the room. Want to see lots of dirty Japanese shemales acting shamefully on camera? Want to see them sucking and blowing and taking cocks deep in their ass?  The Create your account today and have some real fun.


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Slipping your cock into Shelly is like slipping it into a warm stick of butter. Soft and firm and wet. Shelly can’t decide if she likes doggy-style, to allow for deep penetration or for the missionary with her legs on your shoulders fuck. She says seeing her man turned on makes her want to cum so probably the mish.

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Shelly likes to bottom. Its too bad she is not fond of being the top because she has a nice cock. I could still be her friend though and give her a wank as I sink my dick deep into her ladyboy pussy, all the way up to the nuts. Shelly likes to roll back so you can really sink in deep to her tight Ladyboy ass. Click the pic below to get all of teen Shelly at Ladyboy.XXX

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Ladyboy Shelly lies back to stretch her long and slender legs as she pushes up her tits. Her cock is at full length and ready to be sucked or wanked while you stick your meet deep into her ladyboy pussy


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Teen Newhalf Kaoru Ohima is your typical Japanese girl on the inside.  On the outside she is exceptional, a beauty in every way. She has the look and the pout and knows how to get your attention.

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Teen Kaoru Oshima loves the feeling of tight shorts and silk panties against her ass and her cock. The rubbing makes her hard and ready for fucking. If she has no one to fuck, little Kaoru will have to rub her cock until she makes her self cum. If you were with her you could make her cum.

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Miran is My Fantasy Glamor, Surfer, RaceQueen Hottie from Nagoya

Had to make a new post to celebrate Miran’s new DVD release and her new photo and video set update.Miran is the hottie Newhalf who just keeps giving and giving…me a boner. ;)

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I would love to have a day in this world when I could go to the races in Tokyo and see Miran as the Race Queen Babe of the Day.  I don’t see why she can’t be on the cover of Vogue either. If Kim and Kanye can be on, then Miran deserves to be 1000 times more.

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And finally, the next time I am in Hawaii I know I will be on the look out for Miran.  (Who knows if she ever goes there.)  I imagine her on the beach, stretched out, oiled and in a skimpy bikini.  A surfboard lies next to her, her hair still wet from the surf.  Her long and lean muscular but feminine body glistening in the sun… Ah, a boy can dream.  Until then, thank the tgods we have Miran at ShemaleJapan. the hottest and best Newhalf site going.

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