Month: August 2009

Meet New-Half Manaka: Hot Girl with Big Tits and a Fat Cock

Manaka, Japanese New-Half Goddess!

Red Hot Jam 94 : New Half Inn : Manaka
Red Hot Jam 94 : New Half Inn : Manaka

We are pleased to introduce you to Manaka, one of the Hottest New-Halfs in Japan these days.  She is scouted by all the top talent agencies and has just begun a very active career in video.

img_0017, Red Hot Jam 94 : New Half Inn : Manaka

Over the coming weeks we are going to publish some very hot and very sizzling sexy photos, exclusive to ShemaleClubJapan, so bookmark our site now for lots of fun…

img_0012, Red Hot Jam 94 : New Half Inn : Manaka

Be honest, wouldn’t you like to penetrate this babe!???

img_0027, Red Hot Jam 94 : New Half Inn : Manaka

Please Welcome to the Club, Katie Ayanami

Hajemamashite to MISS KATIE AYANAMI!!!

Enter Katie Ayanami Now!
Enter Katie Ayanami Now!

Katie is a brand new Model who currently lives and works in the USA.  She is the Most Beautiful Girl we have seen in a long, long time.  Won’t you welcome her and make her feel at home today!

1, Miss Katie Ayanami

3, Miss Katie Ayanami

4, Miss Katie Ayanami

katie_05, Miss Katie Ayanami

6, Miss Katie Ayanami

7, Miss Katie Ayanami

91, Miss Katie Ayanami

81, Miss Katie Ayanami

121, Miss Katie Ayanami

If you are like me, you are new to the world of Transsexual Women.  I have never been with a Transsexual Girl, a New-Half, or however you want to say, Shemale… But I can’t help fantasizing about sweet Katie.  What it would feel like to have her lick and suck my cock.  To turn her over and gently force my big dick inside of her sweet lil pussy.  To taste her cock, and feel it sliding down my throat.  To let her turn me over and gently pierce my ass, my virgin ass I might add.  What a dream cum true to have Katie here next to me, stroking my cock and sucking me off to a cum as I write this.

171, Miss Katie Ayanami

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468x60_3, Miss Katie Ayanami

Stunning Asian Transsexual Reveals Her Handful Titties

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I only had a few days to jam a lifetime of fun into while hanging out in Japan last year. I had done all the nutty shit and seen all the sights, but I still needed some action. That’s where this lovely Japanese newhalf named Natsuko comes in. This dirty redhead hottie has a perfect body with a sweet butt, nice round tits, and a sweet newhalf dick. She drilled me so good, I never wanted it to stop. I am really looking forward to next time I get a piece of some gorgeous Japanese newhalf.


Nasty Asian Newhalf Tortures This Boy Toy

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Most days, this gorgeous Japanese newhalf wouldn’t act this kinky, but for some reason, she went a bit nutty. When she met this guy at the bar, she just decided she wanted to tie him up and drill dildos into his butt. Well, we went and got all the gear she needed, and damn! This girl really knows her stuff. She roped him up with about 50 knots at once, then beat his butt with a flogger for a while before drilling that tight hole with plugs and toys of all sorts. Don’t you pervs hope to be as privileged as him?


Nasty Asian Newhalf Gives Head As If She Were An Angel

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Just in case this slutty French maid uniform, the sweet smile, and the petite body aren’t enough to peek your interest, this bad ass Japanese shemale also gives a blowjob perfectly. Yuko is one of the hottest Japanese shemales I’ve ever seen and she loves giving head. She sits politely on the ground, looking sexy as hell until a stiff dick is presented to her. Then she goes bat shit, licking and blowing it until it gets really stiff. She likes taking jizz all over her face.


Redhead Japanese Newhalf Loves Sucking Wang

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Sexy Asian newhalf Aiko has legs a mile long, and she looks really stunning with her red hair, soft flesh and perky tits. Her barely-there skirt gives us a great peak at her throbbing dick, and as she begins to play with it, a lucky stud arrives for a newhalf blowjob. This amazing Asian pounces on his dick like a hungry wolf and doesn’t stop until she gulps down the last drop! This is only one of hundreds of lovely Asian babes down at Shemale Japan!