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I Fucked Fuuka At Her GF’s BirthDay Party

Continued from Here: Club Sex with Fuuka Hanasaki

Fuuka leaned hard against me and pulled my face close to hers.  She whispered in my ear.  “I want to suck your monster cock.”  I smiled and squeezed her waist and keeping her close in front of me, (so the party would not see my tent pole) we made our way to the back of the bar and to the workers make up rooms.  Fuuka found an empty room, and pulled me into it.  She locked the door and rushed to me.  Fuuka knelt in front of me and unzipped my trousers.  She kissed the head of my cock through the underwear, then she started licking the head and shaft through the cloth.  She rubbed her hands up and down the length until my cock head popped out of the waistband, glistening with pre-cum – my cock was hard as stone.

Fuuka grabbed my cock and licked and kissed it and sucked hard and deep into her tiny mouth.  Like a piston she moved her head back and forth until all 8 inches stood out in front of me, disappearing and reappearing from inside her wet and warm mouth.

We found a strong chair and after pulling my pants off, Fuuka sat me in it and finished taking off her clothes.  Her tiny cock was hard and dripping with pre-fuck anticipation.  Fuuka backed into me and reached for my shaft.  She guided it into her tight hole, penetrating her hole and slowly filling up her newhalf pussy until I was most of the way in.  I played with her tits and rubbed and squeezed her nipples.  She fell back against me and buried her tongue in my mouth.  We French-kissed and mauled each other as she began to ride up and down my 8 inches of swollen meat.

AT one point Fuuka lost control and began to shake and twitch as her tiny cock shot its load.  She jammed her pussy down onto my cock until I was all the way in. She stayed like that until I pumped her 20, maybe 30 times and unloaded a bucket of warm jizz deep inside her newhalf pussy.  We did not realize it but we were screaming so loud that we drowned out the sound system.  Fuuka’s friends were at the door, knocking on it like crazy.  We were terrified.  Fuuka cautiously opened the door, half in her clothes, cum dripping in long streams down her legs.  Her friends pushed open the door and suddenly the room was filled with horny newhalfs and their boyfriends.  Fuuka’s friend our noise made them all so horny they needed to fuck really bad.  So they joined us.  And that began my first newhalf orgy.

Fuuka’s friend.

Hot and Petite Newhalf Nene Aizawa Can Escort You in Osaka

nene aizawa 05

I sent Nene a text from Tokyo.  I was coming over on the afternoon flight to Osaka and would meet her at our favorite bar downtown.  She sent back a gif of her little tongue flicking in the air quickly.  It was the technique she used on my cock after kissing the head and licking the piss hole.  She would then take the cock, inch by inch deep into her mouth and inhale causing a suction like I’ve never felt before.  Nene is a pervert and knows how to make me hard.


She is just 20 and has been in a lot of movies in Osaka and Tokyo.  We met through mutual friends and so we were close from the start.  We had some drinks at the bar and started to get drunk.  Nene reached for my crotch and pulled me close by my hardening cock.  “Your place?”  I paid the newhalf in rabbit ears and off we went to my place for the week, a corporate apartment style place reserved for people in the film biz.  Nene took off her clothes and helped me out of mine.  The night was still hot from the day and being on the 18th floor, we went out onto the balcony nude.  We enjoyed the night air as Nene began to rub her backside against my cock.  She lifted up and spread her ass cheeks so my cock could slip in between.  She turned and knelt before me and began to suck me off.  She actually just wanted to cover my 8 inch cock with spit so I could more easily enter her newhalf pussy.  It would never fit without lube.  Nene covered me with spit and turned back around.  I pulled her up and she helped guide the thick apple-shaped head into her pussy.  I pressed against her and she pushed back off the railing and soon, I was deep inside her.  We paused for a moment to enjoy the warm feeling and then I began to pump her slowly as we watched the lights across the city.  She turned her head and we kissed deeply as she cooed and moaned.  Her nipples on her small tits were hard and she was getting rock hard too.


I started to fuck her hard and fast now, pumping deep into her tight newhalf pussy as I reached around her tiny body and grabbed onto her thing.  I stroked her.  She was leaking a little and getting hard as a rock again.  With each thrust into her her small cock would stiffen and bob up and down.  I began to pump her with my hand as I released into her newhalf pussy.  I pulled out of her and she pushed me back onto the floor of the balcony. Nene straddled my face and jammed her thing into my mouth and face-fucked me.  She met my warm and eager mouth with a dozen strokes and then began to spurt warm jets deep into me.  She fell back and lay on top of me as we laughed and giggled and touched each other.  She put her face into my crotch and licked me clean…and licked me hard.


Newhalf AV Star Hime Tsukino Makes Her Debut At

My first encounters with Japanese newhalfs came through Hime Tsukino on her work on DVD.  I’ve since watched her become one of Japan’s Top Newhalf SuperStars.  She is feminine, good looking and has a delicate way about her.  Her manner makes you want to push her down and feel her slender tight body.  You can imagine slipping your hand into her panties and feeling her tiny little chinchin grow to life and become hard.

I can just hear Hime cooing and sighing as I take her little cock into my mouth and pull hard.  I can feel her push me back, unbuttoning my jeans as she sticks her fingers in my mouth.  As I suck on her fingers she goes down on me.  When I am fully hard she climbs on top and slowly teases her newhalf pussy with my cock head.  She is getting moist from my pre-cum and as she lubricates she slowly glides her newhalf pussy down onto my heated rod.  Fucking her with great pleasure I explode deep insider pussy… Can’t you just imagine it?

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New Hottie Sayaka is a Popular Pub Girl

Red-hot newhalf starlet Sayaka who has a Japanese father and a Chinese mother. This 18 year old is not an escort instead she is a show-pub performer. Sayaka has just had her balls taken out. She is currently working hard on feminization and also towards the goal of having a full SRS by the time she turns 20. Her dream is to get married by 25.

We did an interview with Sayaka that will come out soon.  She had just finished her last show at a cute little club in Nagoya and invited us over to her dressing room.  She is not shy and obviously has many admirers as her room was filled with flowers, cards, candy and little stuffed toys.  Watching her show she knows how to work the room and delivers a great performance.  The house was happy.  My photographer left after a drink and after Sayaka saw him to the door she went behind a shoji screen and began to undress. We continued to talk and after a couple of minutes she came out, now nude except for a yukata which she allowed to drape open showing her perfect tits and little chin chin.

She smiled at me and said she had wanted to be alone with me since the first moment we met.  She took two glasses from the bar and a small bottle of saki from the table of gifts and came over to the couch.  She sat quite close and draped her leg over mine, rubbing my cock through the pants with her tiny, angelic little feet.

I asked her to let me feel her titties which caused her to smile.  She sat up and moved over and climbed into my lap. She poured some saki into my mouth and drank hers.  She tossed the glasses to the side as she pulled off her yukata and took my hands to cover her small mounds. “You like them?”

As I tweaked her nipples and cupped the little soft mounds in my hands , Sayaka began to moan.  She ground into me and started to undo my pants.  I slid them off.  My cock sprang into action.  Sayaka’s eyes lit up like Christmas.  She bent over and started to suck my dick deep into her mouth.  She slobbered a little over the cock head and sat up.  She reached underneath her and guided it to her newhalf-pussy.  I felt the pressure build up against the head as she pressed downward forcing my cock slowly into her pussy.  She was wet, warm and very tight.  We kissed, swirling our tongues around the others mouth as this sweet little newhalf bounced up and down on my now huge dick.  “You are my first foreigner”, she sighed.  “Do all foreigners have such big cocks”? she asked.  I smiled and pushed her down hard on my dick.  Her little cock was stiff hard now.  I rubbed it and pressed her into me so the friction of our fucking would make her feel good.  She felt great and soon she came all over our chests,  She spurted and twitched for several moments, then dragged me to the floor where she wanted me to fuck her doggy style.  I was agreeable, as you can imagine.  I mounted her tight little ass and pounded her until I was ready to cum.  I pulled out and turned her over and shot my load into her greedy little mouth and all over her face.

After ward, she licked me clean then took me into her bath where we continued our play a bit before leaving for her hotel.

If you are in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, do not miss her show.  You never know what little surprises Sayaka may have in store for you.

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