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Are These Really Japanese High School Girls?

Hot Japanese High School Girls

Japanese cosmetics house Shiseido has a new line of cosmetics made for the new generation of women who want to look even sexier for their man. This great video shows the length that Japanese girls will go to make themselves look beautiful and see their man come home on time to give them a good fucking.

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Horny Schoolgirl Rise Kaneshiro Likes Street Nampa and Back Home Fucks

Street Nampa Girl, Rise Kaneshiro

Japanese shemale Rise Kaneshiro debut at ShemaleClubJapan.com

Meet new tgirl Rise Kaneshiro. Rise is into fantasy play and showing off her tight hard body.  Her favorite game is to play the schoolgirl nampa where she meets a guy on the street and takes him to her room for sex. Rise says she is constantly horny and loves guys who can give and take her favors.

Japanese shemale Rise Kaneshiro debut at ShemaleClubJapan.com

Rise says she loves the feeling of another hard cock pressing against hers. She used to have a regular boyfriend but now she’s just playing the field and hitting the bars. When you are in Tokyo you might find her at The Girls Bar. She is sweet and polite on the outside but indeed a very dirty girl on the inside.

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Visual Kei Singer, Jyuri Drops her Cock On Us


Jyuri is one of the `it` newhalf escorts in Western Japan now. Having been the guitarist in a Visual-Kei band before, she fits perfectly in a Gothic-Lolita cosplay costume. She is 23 years old this year and is originally from Hiroshima. With her bubbly butt and nice hormonal breasts Jyuri looks very feminine.


Jyuri is one tight Newhalf.  She is a new addition to the fantastic site ShemaleClub.com.  Join today and see what all the buzz is about.  I think if I met her in a club I wouldn’t know til it is too late to care.  Get your PASS now and enjoy the fun at ShemaleJapan.com

Sweet French Maid Mako Aiuchi Takes her first Gaijin Cock


Mako was a teen when she engaged in her very first shoot for the Newhalf adult business.  Lucky for us, she decided to make her debut for ShemaleJapan.  She is originally from Nagoya but now lives in Tokyo.  I wonder what it is with Nagoya.  Lots of newhalfs from there, especially cute and pretty ones with slender bodies and tight “pussies.”


Mako learned quickly that she likes to model, she loves being in front of the camera.  A couple of times during the shoot she wondered off to the bathroom though.  We thought at first it was for the normal business but after she went into the bath for the third time we followed her.  She was busy leaning against the counter rubbing her tiny cock. “I am become so horny” she said.  “I always like the jerking off but tonight I am specially horny.  I not do the shoot with gaijin before.”  The other crew member left Mako and me standing there.  She was not shy and she did not put her cock away.


Instead, she thrust her hips forward lewdly and took my hand.  I reached for her cock and it grew harder and harder.  She smiled and moaned and reached for my zipper.  She unzipped me and pulled out my cock.  Her eyes lit up, “It is so the big cock.  Can I suck it?”  I laughed and let my pants fall to the floor.  Mako knelt down and began to kiss and lick the head.  As I grew erect she would stop to admire it.  Once I was really hard, she called for the camera guy to catch this on film.  Not for the shoot but for her.  “I want for me, okay?”  Camera guy came n the bath and Mako hopped onto the counter.  She exposed her ass and pulled her cheeks a part.  “Put it in me.” she commanded.  I spit on my two fingers and rubbed t over my rock hard cock.  I moved over to the counter and placed my cock head gently against her pussy.  Once the head was in Mako pushed against me and began driving her tight little pussy down on my cock.  I pumped her for 15 minutes and grabbed her and kissed her, our tongues locked in a cat fight as I dumped my hot slimy sperm deep into her pussy.

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