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Are These Really Japanese High School Girls?

Hot Japanese High School Girls

Japanese cosmetics house Shiseido has a new line of cosmetics made for the new generation of women who want to look even sexier for their man. This great video shows the length that Japanese girls will go to make themselves look beautiful and see their man come home on time to give them a good fucking.

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Horny Schoolgirl Rise Kaneshiro Likes Street Nampa and Back Home Fucks

Street Nampa Girl, Rise Kaneshiro

Japanese shemale Rise Kaneshiro debut at ShemaleClubJapan.com

Meet new tgirl Rise Kaneshiro. Rise is into fantasy play and showing off her tight hard body.  Her favorite game is to play the schoolgirl nampa where she meets a guy on the street and takes him to her room for sex. Rise says she is constantly horny and loves guys who can give and take her favors.

Japanese shemale Rise Kaneshiro debut at ShemaleClubJapan.com

Rise says she loves the feeling of another hard cock pressing against hers. She used to have a regular boyfriend but now she’s just playing the field and hitting the bars. When you are in Tokyo you might find her at The Girls Bar. She is sweet and polite on the outside but indeed a very dirty girl on the inside.

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Visual Kei Singer, Jyuri Drops her Cock On Us


Jyuri is one of the `it` newhalf escorts in Western Japan now. Having been the guitarist in a Visual-Kei band before, she fits perfectly in a Gothic-Lolita cosplay costume. She is 23 years old this year and is originally from Hiroshima. With her bubbly butt and nice hormonal breasts Jyuri looks very feminine.


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Sweet French Maid Mako Aiuchi Takes her first Gaijin Cock


Mako was a teen when she engaged in her very first shoot for the Newhalf adult business.  Lucky for us, she decided to make her debut for ShemaleJapan.  She is originally from Nagoya but now lives in Tokyo.  I wonder what it is with Nagoya.  Lots of newhalfs from there, especially cute and pretty ones with slender bodies and tight “pussies.”


Mako learned quickly that she likes to model, she loves being in front of the camera.  A couple of times during the shoot she wondered off to the bathroom though.  We thought at first it was for the normal business but after she went into the bath for the third time we followed her.  She was busy leaning against the counter rubbing her tiny cock. “I am become so horny” she said.  “I always like the jerking off but tonight I am specially horny.  I not do the shoot with gaijin before.”  The other crew member left Mako and me standing there.  She was not shy and she did not put her cock away.


Instead, she thrust her hips forward lewdly and took my hand.  I reached for her cock and it grew harder and harder.  She smiled and moaned and reached for my zipper.  She unzipped me and pulled out my cock.  Her eyes lit up, “It is so the big cock.  Can I suck it?”  I laughed and let my pants fall to the floor.  Mako knelt down and began to kiss and lick the head.  As I grew erect she would stop to admire it.  Once I was really hard, she called for the camera guy to catch this on film.  Not for the shoot but for her.  “I want for me, okay?”  Camera guy came n the bath and Mako hopped onto the counter.  She exposed her ass and pulled her cheeks a part.  “Put it in me.” she commanded.  I spit on my two fingers and rubbed t over my rock hard cock.  I moved over to the counter and placed my cock head gently against her pussy.  Once the head was in Mako pushed against me and began driving her tight little pussy down on my cock.  I pumped her for 15 minutes and grabbed her and kissed her, our tongues locked in a cat fight as I dumped my hot slimy sperm deep into her pussy.

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Mao the perverted school newhalf from Fukuoka

Mao works as an escort for an agency that specializes in young and tasty newhalfs.  Mao likes younger guys and she likes sugar daddys.  I dig redheads who can roleplay, who are very feminine and know exactly how to get you off.  Mao does all this and much more.  She is a free and carefree spirit who loves sex and loves to get her lover off.  She is a regular little pervert who can be gentle and slow and can also take you for a ride on Newhalf version of Space Mountain.  Simply put she is the perfect fucktoy and when you sign up at ShemaleJapan you get to see all her dirty little games for real.  Enjoy!


Twenty-three year old Mao is from Fukuoka. She works for a Hakata based escort agency. Mao has perfectly pale, almost translucent skin. Her skin is so smooth that she never needs a tweezer or razor! And her exquisite ankles, her long and tapered legs, her beautiful cock and her irresistible moans! When touched, Mao makes such cute, girly, anime-character-like moans that are so inviting! CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS!!!



Nene Aizawa – Best-selling newhalf porn-star in Japan!

Nene Aizawa, the best-selling newhalf porn star of 2010 in Japan. She is only 20 years old this year. She has starred, in 2011 alone so far, in 35 adult films. Besides a very successful film career, Nene also works as an escort under an agency based in Osaka.

Nene is one of my current favorite newhalf tgirls.  She is young, sweet with perfect skin and she is an amazing actress.  A friend of mine in Osaka went with her a couple of weeks ago and had this to report. “Kam, you have to hookup with Aizawa.  Really sweet girl and the tightest tgirl pussy I ever had.  She loves playing the female role entirely and will give you a pleasurable evening of talking and sex.”  Ottie



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Best-selling newhalf porn-star in Japan!

Stunning Office Lady Fuuka

I met Fuuka at the convention center in Shibuya.  She had been sent there by her home office to look after me and help my company gain the access to the technology companies presenting their new products at the tech fair.  She was cute, efficient and very professional.  However, throughout the day she would give me a moments pause, a long look, and smile and then look away.


After the show I invited Fuuka out to a club for dinner and a few drinks.  Her decent English, with a slight Russian accent was charming and she was very friendly.  We enjoyed the evening together and around midnight I invited her back to the hotel for a drink and a good night.  She hesitated but I encouraged her and she responded well.  She agreed.

Once back in the room I called for room service and they brought a nice bottle of Johnny Walker and some small snacks.   As I fixed our drinks, Fuuka retired to the bathroom.  I waited impatiently and drank more scotch.  I was looking out at the Tokyo skyline when I heard a slight noise behind me.   Fuuka came up beside me, although now she was almost nude, only her panties, hose and heels remained.  She leaned up to me and gave me a kiss and as she did she reached for my zipper and began to massage my growing cock.  She carefully unzipped my pants and slide her hand inside and began to massage and rub my hardening cock.  She kissed me again and then went down to her knees.  She licked the tip of my cock and took the head inside.  Her tongue swirled over the tip as she effortlessly took the entire 8 inches deep into her warm loving mouth.  She held it there and began to suck with great power.  Slowly she pulled back and released my cock.  I leaned down and kissed her and picked her up.  I carried her over to the bed and laid her out.  I removed her heels and slid off her hose and garters.  I love garters.  I cupped her firm breasts and leaned over and stuck my tongue deep in her mouth.  She moaned and flicked her tongue over mine.  She gently took one of my hands and placed it on her crotch.  I felt her lump.  I admit I was startled.  She began to cry a moment.  I couldn’t handle that and stopped her tears and reached inside her panties.  Her small cock began to grow.  I had a few experiences in college, with a roommate and a friend on the football team.  I was not shy.  It probably helped I was pretty drunk too.  My cares seemed far, far away.  Fuuka smiled at me and lifted her small, slender body off the bed and took off her panties.  She pulled me close removing the rest of my clothing as well.

She brought her legs up to her chest and whimpered slightly as she pushed against me.  I sat back on my haunches and spit into my hand.  I rubbed my stiff cock and placed the tip near her starfish.  She moaned and gasped as I thrust deep into her, slowly at first and finally all the way in.  She let out a small scream and then a sound of some kind of joy.  Fuuka then rocked back on my cock and started to fuck me just as hard as I was fucking her.  We went at it hard for almost half an hour, in different positions until finally I came deep inside her.  She smiled and held me tight.  I slowly stood up and as I did she took my cock in her mouth and lovingly licked and cleaned my cock with her mouth.  I fell back exhausted and did not stir until she came back to the bed, dressed and ready to go.  She kissed me on the lips and simply, said, “Until the morning?”  I smiled and fell into a deep sleep as I heard the hotel room close.

I later found this out about her…

Twenty-one year young Fuuka is not a working girl, instead she is an office lady in Kanagawa. She`s never been in any adult publications before so here you are another porn virgin for our lucky SMJ members. Her grandmother is Russian so that makes Fuuna a quarter Russian. Her Russian mix explains her rather striking features.



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Hiromi, Cute gothic maid at a cosplay cafe

Hiromi-chan works in a cosplay café around the corner from my office. I’ve walked past several times on the way to Akihabara to see the latest tech gear but never stepped in.



This morning, I was walking past the cafe and we bumped into each other. She actually ran into me pretty hard. Hiromi was quite embarrassed as she was on her phone texting and crying and not paying attention. She helped me pick up the books and my laptop which had spilled onto the sidewalk. I said to her, “Dai jo bu de su yo”, “Don’t worry about it.” Hiromi smiled and stood there awkwardly for a moment.  I was about to go but she reached out and took my arm, she handed me her card leaned up, she is quite small, and kissed me on the cheek. We both look surprised but we both smiled and she went inside.

I continued on to the office.

About lunch time I took out the card she had given me. There was an invitation to the café with a “Lunch Special” offered. I thought for a moment or two and decided to go.

I arrived and she was there clearing away a table. Her boss called out to her and she turned my way. Her face lit up. She was so cute, dressed in a little gothic maid’s outfit. She was precious in fact.

Hiromi led me to a private room and invited me to sit and relax.  She left quickly without taking my order, I held up her card. She smiled and sped away. A few minutes later she returned with a special tea and some very nice French cakes.

After I had the tea, Hiromi returned and offered to take me to a special cleaning room, or so she said. I followed her to the back of the café and down some stairs.  We went into a large bathroom with little rest area.


She followed me in and locked the door behind us. She apologized again for the morning bump and said she wanted to thank me for being so nice. She fell to her knees and began to rub my cock through the pants. The next thing I know she has my cock out and is sucking furiously.  It was an intense experience as I am not too long but rather thick. However, she managed the whole cock deep into her mouth.  I exploded and filled her mouth with hot cum.

I pulled her up and lifted up her skirt. She had a small but very stiff erection. I reached out and felt it. You can see the video here, Hiromi-chan shivered and almost buckled. I gave her a good firm grasp and began to massage her stiff little Japanese new-half cock. I fingered the tip and she began to leak. Within moments, she came hard, in my hand. She leaned up and kissed me and asked me to be her friend. She cleaned us both up and gave me her card, this time with her cell number on it.

We arranged to meet later…


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My favorite Osaka escort, Kaede

Kaede, a hot new-half escort based in Osaka. Kaede is originally from Ehime Prefecture. She is 20 years old this year and she looks perfectly chic in high school girl uniforms! She said that once a client of hers wanted to swallow her cum and she found that a huge turn-on.


This is how Kaede’s advert read on Craigslist for Osaka.  I just caught the AD as it went up; it didn’t last long being Japan is still quite prudish in many ways, at least on the outside.  I was going to be in Osaka the following day on business and wanted to meet up with this hottie in the evening.

I called her and we spoke for a couple of minutes.  She would be free and would meet me at the hotel.  I asked her where a good place to eat was and she invited me over to her apartment for some Osaka cuisine, Kaede style.

The next day was very busy and at 7 I was ready for a diversion.  I sent her a text and she sent me a very naughty photo… I sent one back of course and was soon in a taxi headed to her place.

I knocked on her door and we greeted each other.  She was in a little schoolgirl outfit.  She led me into her apartment and put the sake away in the fridge.  As she did she bent over and revealed she had no underwear on.


We chatted for a bit and as we talked her delicate slender hand began to brush against me, soon gently rubbing me through my trousers.  I got hard pretty quick and without missing a beat she unzipped my pants and reached in.  She sighed approvingly and began to stroke my cock. Kaede pulled off her shirt and lifted her skirt up just a bit.  She leaned over and kissed me and kissed my chest down to my rock hard dick.  Her lips felt warm and wet and she soon engulfed my dick and began to suck. Her tongue swirled around the head and licked the hole with just the tip of her delicate tongue entering inside the cock head…

End of part 1

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Nasty Asian Newhalf Gives Head As If She Were An Angel

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Just in case this slutty French maid uniform, the sweet smile, and the petite body aren’t enough to peek your interest, this bad ass Japanese shemale also gives a blowjob perfectly. Yuko is one of the hottest Japanese shemales I’ve ever seen and she loves giving head. She sits politely on the ground, looking sexy as hell until a stiff dick is presented to her. Then she goes bat shit, licking and blowing it until it gets really stiff. She likes taking jizz all over her face.