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Hiromi, Cute gothic maid at a cosplay cafe

Hiromi-chan works in a cosplay café around the corner from my office. I’ve walked past several times on the way to Akihabara to see the latest tech gear but never stepped in.



This morning, I was walking past the cafe and we bumped into each other. She actually ran into me pretty hard. Hiromi was quite embarrassed as she was on her phone texting and crying and not paying attention. She helped me pick up the books and my laptop which had spilled onto the sidewalk. I said to her, “Dai jo bu de su yo”, “Don’t worry about it.” Hiromi smiled and stood there awkwardly for a moment.  I was about to go but she reached out and took my arm, she handed me her card leaned up, she is quite small, and kissed me on the cheek. We both look surprised but we both smiled and she went inside.

I continued on to the office.

About lunch time I took out the card she had given me. There was an invitation to the café with a “Lunch Special” offered. I thought for a moment or two and decided to go.

I arrived and she was there clearing away a table. Her boss called out to her and she turned my way. Her face lit up. She was so cute, dressed in a little gothic maid’s outfit. She was precious in fact.

Hiromi led me to a private room and invited me to sit and relax.  She left quickly without taking my order, I held up her card. She smiled and sped away. A few minutes later she returned with a special tea and some very nice French cakes.

After I had the tea, Hiromi returned and offered to take me to a special cleaning room, or so she said. I followed her to the back of the café and down some stairs.  We went into a large bathroom with little rest area.


She followed me in and locked the door behind us. She apologized again for the morning bump and said she wanted to thank me for being so nice. She fell to her knees and began to rub my cock through the pants. The next thing I know she has my cock out and is sucking furiously.  It was an intense experience as I am not too long but rather thick. However, she managed the whole cock deep into her mouth.  I exploded and filled her mouth with hot cum.

I pulled her up and lifted up her skirt. She had a small but very stiff erection. I reached out and felt it. You can see the video here, Hiromi-chan shivered and almost buckled. I gave her a good firm grasp and began to massage her stiff little Japanese new-half cock. I fingered the tip and she began to leak. Within moments, she came hard, in my hand. She leaned up and kissed me and asked me to be her friend. She cleaned us both up and gave me her card, this time with her cell number on it.

We arranged to meet later…


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Summertime with Emiru in Hokkaido

Women from Northern Japan are famous for their smooth, translucent skin and tall and slender statures.  Emiru, a new-half from the Akita Prefecture , is a perfect example of such a statuesque Northern beauty.



I met Emiru in Tokyo.  She is new on the scene and new to Tokyo.  She was having trouble getting used to the busy life, the masses of people and the craziness that Tokyo presents to new-comers.  One afternoon, she sent me a text asking if I wanted to get away for the weekend.  Her Boss at the Club she performs at gave her the keys to his place up in Sapporo.  Emiru was a hard worker and he appreciated it.  She didn’t want to go alone and thought of me.

I picked her up at her dorm and we made the trip to the train station.  I promised her a surprise.  We made it to the platform where the Cassiopeia, the JR lines deluxe train was waiting.  It was 16 hours to Sapporo and I planned on fucking Emiru every chance I got.



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Gorgeous Japanese Newhalf Beats Off While In A Kinky Maid Get-Up

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Stunning Japanese Newhalf Pulling Her Knickers Down To Beat Off Her Large She-Boner

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