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ShemaleClubJapan’s Guide to Newhalf Bars in Osaka

Welcome to our first post of what will be a regular feature of ShemaleClubJapan.  Tonight, let’s talk about Osaka.  Osaka has several great clubs including tonight’s feature, Jordan.  Jordan has been around for 30 years and features live entertainment, special events, lots of drinking, comedy and some very cute newhalfs.

Jordan accepts reservations and is open to women, couples and respectful gentlemen.  Play nice guys.  You can bring your camera but I would leave your video camera at home unless you get special permission from the “Mama”, Nanaka.

We’re going to introduce you to the Mama and Chie-Mama tonight, the hilarious and sort of French, Nanaka and the very lovely Miyu.

Nanaka – Mama of Club Jordan

Born – Feb 2nd
Blood type – A
Birthplace – France according to her friends.  Bonjour!
Hobby – bowling
Likes – Comedians, comedys
Dislikes – Cucumbers
Where she wants to go/likes to go – bowling, hotsprings and international travel.  I especially like to go to Korea.
Weekends? – Likes to go bowling, going to brunch or just relaxing
When you are depressed? – Eating and “throwing.” (apparent reference to bowling)
My Dream – To have a happy golden age.  To be a pro bowler, maybe?
Comment – Please come for laughs and fun.


Miyu is Chi -Mama (2nd manager, or assistant manager)
Born – Sept 13th
Blood type  – AB
She is from Osaka
Hobbies – Watch foreign tv dramas
fave food – cream stew and fruit
food she hates – tofu
Place she wants to go – Disneyland
Likes to go – staying at home
On weekends she likes to go to the movies or go out drinking.
What do you do when you get depressed? – I do nothing but EAT!
Dreams/Hopes – She wants to be a person who is very understanding and accepting.  I want to
be a woman of high caliber.
How do you see yourself? – I don’t care about small things.  I am very child-like and innocent.
I try to be cheerful and happy.
What happens when you drink?  – I dont change very much.  Just drunk.

Miyu’s blog

To get the directions and telephone number for Club, visit here –

Jordan Pub

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