Hime Tsukino – New-Half Princess

Hime Tsukino caught my eye as I left the new-half club near Shinjuku.  She was very sweet and very hot.  She nodded to me and I gave her a smile and nodded back.  I started walking but made it clear I wanted her to come with.  She crossed the street and made her way toward me.  We introduced ourselves and she pulled me close.  It being night she took my arm and led me to a dark spot off the lane.

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She pulled me close to her and reached up on her tippy-toes.  She embraced me and gave me a deep kiss.  Her tongue swirled around mine and I felt her gripping my arms tightly.  She reached down below and placed her hand over my cock.  She gave me a gentle squeeze and felt me get hard.  We kissed again and she pulled me back taking me into the shadows even further. She knelt before me and unzipped my pants.  My cock struggled to be free but she pulled it out gently and kissed the head. She gave many little kisses all over my cock head before taking the tip in her mouth and then the whole shaft.  She gagged a bit because of the length. But after getting used to it…she took it all the way in.  I came in gushes after fucking her mouth for more than 10 minutes.  When I was spent, she licked and kissed my cock and put it back into my pants.

She rose and smiled and pulled a card from her purse. She asked, “You visit me tomorrow?”  I gave her a kiss and smiled. She stepped out of the shadows and into the light and she was gone…

I later found her here.  You have a dream of Japanese new-half? ShemaleJapan can fulfill your dreams and more.

The next evening, I found myself at her door. 🙂



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