Stunning Office Lady Fuuka

I met Fuuka at the convention center in Shibuya.  She had been sent there by her home office to look after me and help my company gain the access to the technology companies presenting their new products at the tech fair.  She was cute, efficient and very professional.  However, throughout the day she would give me a moments pause, a long look, and smile and then look away.

After the show I invited Fuuka out to a club for dinner and a few drinks.  Her decent English, with a slight Russian accent was charming and she was very friendly.  We enjoyed the evening together and around midnight I invited her back to the hotel for a drink and a good night.  She hesitated but I encouraged her and she responded well.  She agreed.

Once back in the room I called for room service and they brought a nice bottle of Johnny Walker and some small snacks.   As I fixed our drinks, Fuuka retired to the bathroom.  I waited impatiently and drank more scotch.  I was looking out at the Tokyo skyline when I heard a slight noise behind me.   Fuuka came up beside me, although now she was almost nude, only her panties, hose and heels remained.  She leaned up to me and gave me a kiss and as she did she reached for my zipper and began to massage my growing cock.  She carefully unzipped my pants and slide her hand inside and began to massage and rub my hardening cock.  She kissed me again and then went down to her knees.  She licked the tip of my cock and took the head inside.  Her tongue swirled over the tip as she effortlessly took the entire 8 inches deep into her warm loving mouth.  She held it there and began to suck with great power.  Slowly she pulled back and released my cock.  I leaned down and kissed her and picked her up.  I carried her over to the bed and laid her out.  I removed her heels and slid off her hose and garters.  I love garters.  I cupped her firm breasts and leaned over and stuck my tongue deep in her mouth.  She moaned and flicked her tongue over mine.  She gently took one of my hands and placed it on her crotch.  I felt her lump.  I admit I was startled.  She began to cry a moment.  I couldn’t handle that and stopped her tears and reached inside her panties.  Her small cock began to grow.  I had a few experiences in college, with a roommate and a friend on the football team.  I was not shy.  It probably helped I was pretty drunk too.  My cares seemed far, far away.  Fuuka smiled at me and lifted her small, slender body off the bed and took off her panties.  She pulled me close removing the rest of my clothing as well.

She brought her legs up to her chest and whimpered slightly as she pushed against me.  I sat back on my haunches and spit into my hand.  I rubbed my stiff cock and placed the tip near her starfish.  She moaned and gasped as I thrust deep into her, slowly at first and finally all the way in.  She let out a small scream and then a sound of some kind of joy.  Fuuka then rocked back on my cock and started to fuck me just as hard as I was fucking her.  We went at it hard for almost half an hour, in different positions until finally I came deep inside her.  She smiled and held me tight.  I slowly stood up and as I did she took my cock in her mouth and lovingly licked and cleaned my cock with her mouth.  I fell back exhausted and did not stir until she came back to the bed, dressed and ready to go.  She kissed me on the lips and simply, said, “Until the morning?”  I smiled and fell into a deep sleep as I heard the hotel room close.

I later found this out about her…

Twenty-one year young Fuuka is not a working girl, instead she is an office lady in Kanagawa. She`s never been in any adult publications before so here you are another porn virgin for our lucky SMJ members. Her grandmother is Russian so that makes Fuuna a quarter Russian. Her Russian mix explains her rather striking features.


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